About Wild Rathin

Rathindranath Das, popularly knownas “Rathin” (Wild Rathin in Facebook)  among nature andwildlife lovers of the country is a 42-year old Wildlife Enthusiast andconservationist from Kolkata. Inspired by the Part IV A, Article 51A/G of theConstitution of India, Rathin considered it as his fundamental duty as anIndian to contribute in conservation activities to protect lakes, rivers,forests and wildlife of the country.

Rathin has been dedicatedlyassociated with Wildlife Crime Control Bureau for last 4 years in theirAnti-Poaching and Wildlife Conservation Programmes.

Being an innate rider withunconstrained compassion for the environment and wildlife, Rathin has alwayslooked for ways to contribute as little as he could to make the world a betterplace to live, by making valuable alliances with conscious minds across theglobe.

He started his first ever venture“AllIndia Bike Tour” from 3rd October ’16to 13th February ’17, endorsing the theme “Save Forest Save Wildlife”. Rathin covered a total of 27138km, 29States, 5 Union Territories and conducted awareness campaign in 2200 Schoolsacross the Nation. That venture was covered by Local and National News Medias.

In his second undertaking, Rathin covered2822km and conducted awareness on the theme ‘SAVE RHINOs’ in 167 Schools acrossWest Bengal and Assam.

After the great success of firsttwo, Rathin and his fellow Nature Enthusiast Mrs. Geetanjali Dasgupta (she isalso his better half) together rode to covered 6021km and reached 232 schoolsacross 10 Indian states to spread awareness on “Why to save our Wildlife!”


Save Wild life.

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